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About Equadoor

EquaDoor provide online on demand services to our customers in one click. Our expertise and difference from others is that we also offer pre-booking of services, quickness in its delivery, affordability in price, reliable service & friendly respectable treatment with customers and also we provide services related goods such as modern wooden furniture, plumbing accessories, electric accessories etc. We eliminate all kinds of monopoly done by other competitors and local vendors by emerging as a new alternative for monopoly victim customers. We are the first mover in this segment who deliver not only services but also home goods. As EquaDoor, we take pride in our uncompromising integrity in customer engagement and quality assurance, and throughout our 2-year legacy, we have made it our core mission to provide Home Services of the highest calibre. Founded in 2020 by Priyanshu Gupta, EquaDoor started with urban colonies all over Delhi. In 2022, the company expanded into the then-unknown region of Gurugram, Noida, Serving exceptional Residential and Corporate services for the new Indian global professionals. Today, EquaDoor Pride ourself to make our client base more effective with customer’s rare feedback and serve’s government of India too, with residential, commercial, and AMC’S Services in 3 states and 8 cities of India. Our diverse verticals reflect our dedication to developing ecosystems for India’s changing needs. But our Company has always been our employees, our customers, our trustworthy Sub Clients. We invest in spearheading innovation through our works, empowerment and optimism, in order to build the foundation of New India’s future.